Niceph’s Lifetime Perks: Bonuses, Salary, & Birthday Gifts

Level Up Your Life: Niceph's Lifetime Benefits Await

Niceph isn’t just a casino online, it’s a lifestyle! Elevate your gaming experience with lifetime perks that keep on giving. Enjoy exciting upgrade bonuses as you level up, a weekly salary just for being a loyal member, and a special birthday gift each year to make you feel extra celebrated. At Niceph, the rewards never end!

Level Up Your Life: Niceph's Lifetime Benefits Await

Level Up Your Life: Niceph’s Lifetime Benefits Await

VIP TierValid BetVIP UpgradeVIP SalaryVIP Birthday
VIP 14K+93
VIP 230K+128
VIP 360K+191029
VIP 4100K+391949
VIP 5300K+592269
VIP 6600K+10929169
VIP 71M+20939229
VIP 82M+49949339
VIP 93M+59969449
VIP 104M+699109559
VIP 115M+799129669
VIP 126M+899199779
VIP 138M+999229899
VIP 1410M+1,099299999
VIP 1512M+1,1993391,099
VIP 1614M+1,2994091,199
VIP 1716M+1,3994991,299
VIP 1818M+1,4995591,399
VIP 1921M+1,5996691,499
VIP 2024M+1,6997891,599
VIP 2127M+1,8999991,699
VIP 2230M+1,9991,0991,999
VIP 2335M+2,3991,2992,099
VIP 2440M+2,5991,4992,199
VIP 2545M+2,8991,5992,299
VIP 2650M+3,0991,6992,499
VIP 2755M+3,3991,8992,699
VIP 2860M+3,6992,2992,999
VIP 2970M+3,9992,3993,099
VIP 3080M+4,4992,9993,699
VIP 3190M+5,5993,0993,999
VIP 32100M+5,9993,3994,599
VIP 33110M+6,6993,9995,599
VIP 34120M+7,9994,0996,099
VIP 35140M+9,9994,9996,099


How to Apply VIP Benefits Promo

  1. Upgrade Bonus – After every upgrade, claim your bonus at [Rewards Center] after 1 hour.
  2. Weekly Salary – After becoming VIP, Log-in every Tuesday, claim your salary at [Rewards Center] before 10:00pm.
  3. Birthday Gift – Present a valid I.D. to customer service and claim your exclusive gifts on your birthday.

Terms & Conditions VIP Benefits Promo

  1. All players who completes 3k+ valid bet will automatically become NICEPH VIP & Enjoy exclusives bonus, weekly salary & yearly birthday gift bonus.
  2. Once upgraded to VIP 9, your tier level will never be downgraded.
  3. VIP 1-8 only required to deposit 100Php per week to maintain the VIP Tier.

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